Akomplice, X-LARGE Unveil ‘Monkey Wrench Gang’ Capsule Collection

By Jay Casteel  |  12/17/2012

Akomplice closes out 2012 with, at least, one more collaborative capsule collection, the newest with X-Large, reports High Snobiety.

The special collection, dubbed the Monekey Wrench Gang, is comprised a slew of co-branded items such as tees, a heavy jacket, a matching button-up and 5 panel cap, gloves, a ski-mask, and even an actual monkey wrench, and notebook.

"We oppose those who would sacrifice our sacred resources in the name of profit, and we stand with the muckrakers and mischief-makers through history who have championed what is right over what is simply legal. Where the government fails, the citizens must act, and when laws are unjust, they must be broken," a rep for Akomplice said of the inspiration behind the capsule.

The Akomplice x X-Large "Monkey Wrench Gang" capsule collection will drop soon, online at Akomplice-Clothing.com and XLStoreLA.com.