40 Glocc Releases New Game Diss Track

40 Glocc

It’s been months since Game had a run-in with Southern Cali rap peer, 40 Glocc, but he’s consistently taken shots via interviews and in music.ย 40, however, hasn’t said much, outside an initial interview… and Twitter.

This week, he finally responded with a new diss track, entitled “The Full Edit.”

In it, he declares that he’s still here, despite being away from the public eye for several months… and then, accuses Game of editing the footage of their fight in his favor.

“This to the film crew… you paparazzi, TMZ, suck a d***, fag ass motherf***ers. I ain’t went no motherf***in’ where n****. I’m still here, bitch,” 40 says on the track’s intro.

“They know I’m on trial, ain’t have a burner on me / try to pull a Tina Turner on me, with a burner on me / what the f*** love got to do with this sh**? / Try to edit this sh**, while I edit your bitch,” he later spits.

“Y’all seen Worldstar, ain’t it a lil strange n****? / Where the full version at? You explain n****”

Clocking in at under two minutes, 40 Glocc addresses their summer altercation, while accusing Game of snitching and recalling a specific run-in with the Compton hip-hop star where he gave him “a pass.”

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  1. This fugazzi ass nigga pressed charges and now he wants 2 talk slick? Dats sum pussy ass shit for real nigga take dat L n keep it movin dont get mad n run to them ppl. Nigga is just that, a gangsta rapper. notta rappin gangsta.

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