Michael Jordan’s About To Move Into New $12.4 Million, Florida Mansion

By Staff  |  12/14/2012

Michael Jordan put his Chicago mansion on the market for $29 million earlier this year, and while it's unclear if it sold, the NBA legend is set to move into his new digs: a $12.4 million mansion in Jupiter, Florida.

According to local realtor Jeff Lichtenstein, His Airness is about to move into a new, 28,000 sq ft property in Florida, where other celebs like Tiger Woods also reside.

It's a three-acre home, which has been under construction since 2010, and located on three parcels in Jack Nicklaus' ultra-exclusive Bear's Club community, which carries a $350,000 initiation fee and $25,000 annual dues. ItĀ also boasts 11 bedrooms, a pool house, a two-story guard house, and an athletic section with basketball court. A media room has a heavy-duty ventilation system for removing cigar smoke.