Rihanna Pens ‘Unapologetic’ Letter To Fans

By Staff  |  12/13/2012

Rihanna's Unapologetic letter to fans.

With her latest album, Unapologetic, earning her first #1 album, Rihanna is humbled by the support of her fans. So, she penned a handwritten letter to the "Rihanna Navy" (aka her fans), reflecting on the past and looking toward the future.

"I look forward to embarking on this ride with you, unwilling to sacrifice what we believe in, taking our lessons and growing from them," the singer writes in the note, which she posted on Instagram.

"There's no question that life throws curve balls, we do our best to deal with them, take the lessons and keep it moving without regrets," Rihanna also wrote, before concluding with, "We are all Unapologetic..."

Rihanna's Unapologetic album is out now. Order your copy at Amazon.com.