TLR&Co Unveils Winter 2012 ‘De-Branding Of America’ Collection

By Jay Casteel  |  12/12/2012

Southern California-based streetwear brand, TLR&Co, revealed their Winter 2012 collection this week, dubbed "The De-Branding Of America."

According to a press release, the brand played on advertising in America... the Brand, and its brands, which effects the rest of the world. "We really don't give a f*** about what you think on our approach or who you think we are going after. It's not about that. We want people to look at the de-branding process as a conversation piece as to why something is cool or profitable or consumed. Basically, what's all the hype?" Founder Cristian S. asks.

TLR&Co was hit with multiple cease & desist orders from well-known French brand, Lacoste, over the streetwear label's similar headless gator logo/design. This sparked the inspiration of their winter offering.

"After four cease & decist orders from Lacoste, we started to think about branding more and more, and also what we should do about our French opposition. Should we fight and get hit with a federal court case and injunction, or cave in and just be quiet? Instead, we decided to create. We designed a line that breaks down the branding of a few well known brands in music, fashion, oil, street culture and corporate snakes," Cristian explains.

"Again, not to run against them, but to ask the question why. Why are they consumed. Why do we trust them?"

As seen in the lookbook, we see five new tee designs, flipped very recognizable logos... and others are to come.

TLR&Co's Winter 2012 "De-Branding Of America" collection is available now for pre-order at