The Hundreds Santa Monica (LA) Begin Carrying Outside Brands

By Jay Casteel  |  12/12/2012

The Hundreds Santa Monica

Streetwear brand, The Hundreds, has four flagship locations around the country -- Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Santa Monica, CA -- all carrying their own product. However, that's changed in one of the stores, as they introduce outside brands inside its retail doors.

"In perhaps some of the most groundbreaking news to come out of our brand this year, for the first time ever, The Hundreds proudly invites outside brands and friends into it's retail doors. This December, The Hundreds Santa Monica incorporates a hand-selected pantheon of internationally respected streetwear and footwear brands into it's shopping experience," Hundreds co-founder, Bobby, writes on their official website.

So far, the Santa Monica flagship will carry product from SSUR, Fuct, Hall of Fame, CLOT, Married to the Mob, Gourmet Footwear, and CLSC.

In a recent interview with High Snobiety, Bobby said it "didn't make sense not to," and the Santa Monica experiment will "test the waters."

"The Hundreds is founded upon supporting our community, the friends and brands that make up our secret little universe," he said. "When you come to our website, or if you follow my Instagram, the majority of the content is spotlighting other people and their work. As much as we like to big-up ourselves, it's just as important for us to raise awareness for the Streetwear marketplace. I mean, we have an industry news feed (The Feed) dedicated to bringing attention to people and product we've never even met, but for the fact that we admire their work.

"Santa Monica is the perfect opportunity to do it because we have the most space, and we also aren't stepping on any other multi-branded stores' toes within our vicinity," Bobby continued. "It's in our backyard and was easy for us to test the waters."

So, there you have it, The Hundreds Santa Monica (416 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA) now carries eight other brands, outside of their own. For more info, visit