Rick Ross Explains Tour Cancellation, Shuts Down Concerns Over Gang Threats

By Staff  |  12/11/2012

Rick Ross

Rick Ross made headlines last week, when his MMG Tour was abruptly cancelled, following rumors of threats from notorious street gang, the Gangster Disciples.

Two dates were cancelled in North Carolina, a month after members of the North Carolina chapter of the gang issued warnings to the rapper, via Youtube, that they would be attending and wanted to talk to him about the use of their six-pointed star on the cover the rapper's recent mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah.

Shortly after, Rozay cancelled the remaining dates of the tour, citing issues with the tour's promoter.

During a stop this week by Miami radio station, WEDR-FM 99 Jamz, the hip-hop superstar explained the situation.

"I cancelled the rest of the tour [because] the promoter wasn't really handling his business," Ross said on the air. 'He cancelled a date of mine. I was going to Tucson, Arizona, and I was really a few hours outside of the market... I made a call to the [promoter] Sean G. and let him know how we move. Let's just communicate a little better.

"The other day I woke up and realized two more dates had been cancelled," he continued. "So I just felt like there was some power that I needed to take away from homie, so I cancelled the rest of the dates that I had arranged with him."

Rozay also shut down rumors that the tour was cancelled over fears of his safety.

"Never was it due to any threats," said the rapper. "I'm a certified man. I'm a real boss and this is something everybody needs to understand: gangstas move in silence.

"To me, rich is gangsta. Loyal is gangsta. Your family is gangsta. If that's not gangsta, I don't wanna be gangsta," Ross elaborate. "In situations like this, I just remember something an old school Dade County gangster told me a long time ago, 'Any dude can stand in the crowd with 30, 40 dudes and everybody real, everybody trill, everybody 'bout that life, everybody gangsta.' But, when the choppas come out, everybody fold."