LeBron James Chooses Between 16 Of His Fave Things In Holiday ‘SWAG’ Issue(Video)


Champs Sports dropped the holiday issue of its mobile app-based, digital e-zine SWAG, this week… and this is one of the issue’s features. As part of their SWAG16 series, LeBron James participates in a bracket-style tournament where 16 of his favorite things face off against each other to see what things he can’t live without.

Is it Madden or Martin? Oatmeal or Boardwalk Empire? Only one thing can survive.

Champs’ SWAG e-zine, short for “Stylish Ways to Acquire Game,” is a quarterly digital magazine. It offers an inside look into the lives and interests of their favorite sports figures and individuals who influence the culture.

The SWAG Holiday Issue is available now at iTunes. Other features include “T.R.U. Love with 2 Chainz”, and Hip-Hop Head With Julio Jones.”

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