Game Gets Co-Sign From Dr. Dre For New ‘Jesus Piece’ Album

By Staff  |  12/10/2012

Dr. Dre co-signs Game's JESUS PIECE album via text.

Dr. Dre and Game have never worked as closely as they did when they recorded the rapper's debut, The Documentary. However, they've always maintained contact... and Dre always gives his protege's new creations a listen.

Dre gave the Compton rapper's upcoming Jesus Piece album a listen, and offered a co-sign via a text message where he congratulated him and calls it "dope."

"Your album is Dope. The song with the D'Angelo sample ["All That (Lady)"] is f***in Crazy. Great job," Dre said via iMessage.

"Couldn't do it without you Doc," responded Game, who shared their iPhone conversation on Twitter. "Compton."

"When Dr. Dre STAMP the album... You know it's a f***in CLASSIC !!!!!" Game wrote while sharing a screenshot of the text message.

Dre produced "Dead People," which appears as an iTunes bonus track on Jesus Piece, which drops December 11. Order your copy now at