Juan Manuel Marquez Knocks Manny Pacquiao Out Cold In Sixth Round

Juan Manuel Marquez celebrates KO victory over Manny Pacquiao.

In an exciting fight, Juan Manuel Marquez shocked boxing fans when he knocked Manny Pacquiao out cold at the end of the sixth round during their fourth meeting on Saturday (December 8) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

After three close fights — a draw, and two decisions for Pacquiao, a split and a majority — the boxing rivals promised to definitively affirm Saturday night’s victory… and it seemed Pac-Man was going to do just that until a short right caught him on the button and sent him, face first, to the canvas.

The fight started off slow, with Manny doing enough to take the first two rounds. Then, in the third, Marquez lands a big right that drops the Filipino boxing star at the 1:12 mark. Manny would recover, and return the favor by knocking down the Mexican fighter in the fifth, and taking over in the sixth with a slew of punches that bruised, bloodied, and wobbled Marquez.

It appeared Marquez’s nose was broken, and he wasn’t going to make it out alive, but that’s boxing — one punch can turn things around. At 2:59 in the sixth, Marquez hit Pac-Man with a vicious right counter-punch that ended the fight.

During the post-fight interview, Manny described it perfectly. “I got hit by a punch I didn’t see,” he said.

“I threw a perfect punch,” Marquez said. “I knew Manny could knock me out at any time.”

Pacquiao was down for about two minutes before his handlers managed to get him up. He was helped to his corner, and sat on a stool while he was cared for and examined. Commentators said it may signal the end of Pacquiao’s boxing career.

Pacquiao earned more than $20 million for the fight, and was ahead 47-46 on all three scorecards after the fifth round. Marquez earned a guaranteed $6 million, said reports.

After the fight, both fighters said they’d be interested in a fifth meeting. Only time will tell if it will happen. Manny turns 34 this month, while Marquez is 39.

The loss also seemed to wipe the long talked about super fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather off the table. #SMH.

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