Moonshine Bandits Talk ‘Dive Bar Beauty Queen’ & Tera Patrick’s Performance In Its Video

Moonshine Bandits - Dive Bar Beauty Queen - starring Tera Patrick

Cali-based band/group, Moonshine Bandits, have just dropped a deluxe version of their genre-bending album, Whiskey & Women… so they treated fans to a visual of their dive bar anthem, “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” starring former XXX star Tera Patrick.

So, we caught up with the fellas to discuss the new music video, what the song is all about, and how Tera got down. The former pornstar even chimed in to express her excitement over her appearance. The Bandits also discuss their own brand of legal moonshine.

The Deluxe Shiner Edition of Whiskey & Women is out now. Get your copy now, at iTunes.

You just dropped a new video for “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” featuring adult superstar Tera Patrick. Tell us a bit about the song and how Tera got involved with the video.

“Dive Bar Beauty Queen” is an anthem for all the ladies who don’t take sh** from the douche-bag dudes. At our live shows, you will see tons of tatted up, whiskey drinking outlaw ladies that dance their asses off to this as soon as it starts. It unites all the girls and gives them some power and freedom to throw their fingers up and have a good time.

Who came up with the concept for the video and what was it like working with Tera Patrick? What was it about her that made her perfect for the lead role?

We came up with the concept for the video treatment. Director Scott Hansen was able to capture our vision expand to it making it exactly how we hoped it would turn out. We wanted to portray a bad-ass chick that can kick some ass. For the lead actress role, we wanted to land a celebrity or known actress that could fit the part well. Tera has millions of fans and not only is she hot, but she also has an independent “do it her way” drive that made her a successful career as an adult film star and a self-made entrepreneur. She is also from Central California, which is our neck of the woods, so she is ultimately the perfect fit for our lead “Dive Bar Beauty Queen.”

Tera: I was really excited. I heard I’d be doing stunts, fight scenes, and cracking bottles over heads. Are you kidding me? Yes, yes, yes. This is NOT my average day at work. (laughs). I liked working with everyone. I’ve worked on maybe two music videos before and this experience was far superior. The Bandits are just really cool great guys.

The Moonshine Bandits have their own legal brand of moonshine called “Outlaw Moonshine” sold online and available in Save Marts throughout California. Tell us a bit about how this came about and how potent is it?

We landed an endorsement/licensing deal with Valley Spirits Distillery in Modesto, California. They approached us to push their vodka at first. Once the vodka became successful, we are fortunate enough that they developed the perfect product to fit our fans, aka the Shiner Nation. We entered into an agreement that the product would be called “Moonshine Bandits Outlaw Moonshine,” distilled by grains and 99 Proof. Although it is very potent, the product is very smooth. Valley Spirits’ Master Distiller, Lee Palleschi, has developed two other flavors now as well too, that we will be endorsing. Moonshine Bandits – Outlaw Apple Pie and Peach Moonshines will be available soon in retail.

We are very proud that are music has allowed us to branch into other business ventures such as this. We couldn’t be happier with how we’ve been treated by Lee and Valley Spirits.

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