Boxwave Releases Keyboard Buddy Case For iPhone 5

By Jay Casteel  |  12/06/2012

Got your iPhone 5? Need a cool case. Do you still have typing on the screen, and prefer an actual keyboard? Accessories company, Boxwave, has released the iPhone 5 edition of their popular Keyboard Buddy Case.

The case comes in an incredibly thin, form-fitting shell, with a fully integrated, slide-out QWERTY keyboard... which is backlit as well.

"Designed to be the perfect compliment to the Apple iPhone 5, the Keyboard Buddy's easy slide in and out keyboard is smooth and natural," Boxwave explains on its website. "No weird angles, bumps, or protrusions to get in the way. So natural in feel, we call them the perfect pair."

It pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth, and comes wiht an onboard battery, chargeable by micro-USB cable, with up to 2 weeks worth of charge duration, meaning it can be used normally without have to plug it in every day. The backlit keys are great as well, allowing use in the day or night.

Other features include: five rows of raised keys; and a cutout on the back for the iPhone 5's camera and flash.

After using the Keyboard Buddy for a few days, it worked great, and we didn't notice any real negatives. It did take some getting used to after a few years of using the iPhone on-screen keyboard... however, once its familiar it's actually nice to have an accessible keyboard.

Boxwave's Keyboard Buddy is available for both the iPhone 5, 4, and 4S, and retails for $99.95. But, the company is currently selling it for $89.95 on its online store. Visit to buy or for more info.