BMW Unveils New 4 Series Coupe (Photos)

By Jay Casteel  |  12/06/2012

Can you say bye-bye 3 Series? BMW is officially bidding farewell to the 3 Series Coupe with the launch of their new 4 Series model.

It's been rumored for some time, but now, the German automaker is taking its coupe and convertible models up to the 4 Series, like the 5 Series/6 Series relationship).

Compared to the current 3 Series coupe, the 4 Series rides on a two-inch-longer wheelbase, adds 1.7 inches of width, and is just over half an inch shorter in height. It also boasts twin full-LED circular headlamps, a kidney grille, and a slim, sporty design.

Further specs have yet to be revealed, so for now, enjoy the photos. Stay tuned...