Elections, Kim Kardashian & Kate Upton Among Top Yahoo! Searches Of 2012

Romney versus Obama

Yahoo! released their list of Top 10 Searches for 2012 this week, comprised of topics like Lindsay Lohan, supermodel Kate Upton, J.Lo, and the iPhone 5. But, topping the list is the term “Elections.”

Makes sense right? As previously reported, this year’s Presidential race was the closest in history, with President Obama narrowly pulling out the victory for a second term in office.

“In the dozen years Yahoo! has ranked its annual Top 10 searches, only two other news events captured the top spot: the BP oil spill in 2010, and Michael Jackson’s death in 2009. This year the half-billion people who visit Yahoo! every month typed the word “elections” more than any other,” the search giant writes.ย “Hobbled by a struggling economy and acrimonious partisanship, elections became something of a turning point for the United States. However, political news often dominated headlines in the months before.”

In at #2 was the “iPhone 5”, which clogged searches as consumers clamoured for information about the anticipated new smartphone from Apple… and the first in a post-Steve Jobs era.ย “More than 5 million were sold within three days of its Sept. 21 launch. That, an iPod touch reboot, and the iPad mini all helped solidify Apple’s status as the most valuable company in history and propelled the iPhone 5 close to the top of the list,” writes Yahoo.

#3 was Kim Kardashian, thanks to her ongoing divorce from Kris Humphries and new relationship with Kanye West; and model Kate Upton landed at #4 thanks to her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover and other appearances.

Below is the full list (via News.Yahoo.com):

#1 Elections
#2 iPhone 5
#3 Kim Kardashian
#4 Kate Upton
#5 Kate Middleton
#6 Whitney Houston
#7 Olympics
#8 Political Polls
#9 Lindsay Lohan
#10 Jennifer Lopez

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