Tyga Not From Compton, Admits To Growing Up With Money

By Staff  |  12/03/2012


When Young Money spitter Tyga burst onto the scene in 2008, he claimed he was raised in Compton, California, but it appears that isn't entirely true.

TMZ recently uncovered an unaired MTV show titled "Bustas," where up and coming rappers competed for the top prize by freestyling, showing their stage presence, and more.

During his introduction (see below), Tyga states that he grew up in "the Valley" (aka the suburbs) and his parents were financially well-off. "Grew up, not too tough. Parents got a Range Rover, CL 600... doing it big. Not too much hard, but I'm still street," the rapper says in his intro. Later, he freestyles "I stay in the Valley."

Tyga has yet to comment...