Aspiring Rappers Arrested For Kidnapping, Extorting Record Producer

By Buck Casteel  |  12/02/2012

Ryan Mixon and Andres Lozano

According to various news sources, 33-year-old Ryan Mixon and 28-year-old Andres Lozano of New York kidnapped and extorted record producer John Fontein. The 27-year-old producer reportedly agreed to give the two a $50,000 deal, but was going to back out due to various reasons.

During a meeting at Pera Soho in New York's Greenwich Village, the aspiring rappers, upon receiving the news of John withdrawing from the record deal held the son of prominent Goldman Sachs broker, Andrew Fontein, by gunpoint. They then took him to the Fifth Ave Apple Store, and loaded up on $3,800 dollars of Apple products on his dime. They later told Fontein to bring them the $50,000 in cash or they would harm his girlfriend and family.

Upon his release from his captors the producer went to the police, who set up a drop time with the hip-hop duo and then showed up to arrest them. They've been charged with kidnapping, robbery and extortion, among other things.