Beastie Boys

One day before the passing of Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch, Tuf America filed a lawsuit with the group. The music label claims that the Beastie Boys illegally sampled Trouble Funk songs on “Hold It Now Hit It,” “The New Style,” “Car Thief,” and “Shadrach.” Capitol Records is also named in the lawsuit.

The plaintiff stated that they did a thorough sound analysis of the tracks and concluded that the Beastie Boys illegally incorporated elements from the songs without permission. They also claim that Capitol Records and the Beastie Boys continue to profit from the samples through various re-releases of the albums. They are seeking a trial on the matter to determine the amount of punitive and exemplary damages.

If a judge rules in favor of Tuf, lawyers for the group have ask to have liability limited due to the the fact that the recordings were made more than 20 years ago.