In a recent interview rapper 50 Cent discusses the issues between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and himself. He claims that they all started when Mayweather asked for his help, before turning himself in to serve a three-month jail sentence, in running his promotions company. .

After looking into the company he realized that none of the legal documents necessary for the company to operate had been filed. So 50 took matters into his own hands and established The Money Team Promotions company, dropping a substantial amount of money into it signing boxers and negotiating contracts.

When Floyd was released in August he began spending large amounts of money on cars and chains, which began the issues between the two. During this, 50 was thinking when the boxer was going put his half of the money for the company.

According to Fif’s account, the boxing champ  later told the him that he never gave him the green light to start a company and that’s where the barrage of tweets came in. The two went back and forth on Twitter, hurling insults during November. Fif would later claim that it was a marketing ploy that they used to drum up excitement after Floyd’s return from prison, but he recanted that and stated that the rift was, in fact, a real one.