No Limt Rapper, C-Murder has been trying to appeal his decade old murder convition over the past year.However it appears that the rapper will have to wait even longer for the court to deliver a ruling.

According to a report from NOLA, the Supreme Court failed to deliver a ruling on the appeal by the expected November 26 date, without any specific reason for the delay.

C-Murder has proclaimed his innocence, since he was sentenced to life in prison in 2009 by a 10-2 jury vote for conviction. The case originally dates back to the 2002 murder of a 16-year-old outside a New Orleans nightclub. This is not the first set back he has encountered during the case.His lawyers have argued in the past, that his non-unanimous conviction was unconstitutional and violated the 6th and 14th amendments.A ruling in his favor could cause a change in the Louisiana law, which only requires 10 guilty votes from a jury of 12 for a conviction.