He’s in the game to win some. Dom Kennedy is Leimert Park-bred cool kid, spreading his lethargic, yet witty flow to the rest of the world through a series of mixtapes; his latest effort being the free street album/tape, The Yellow Album.

Mesmerizing his fans with the popular track “My Type of Party,” he has become a favorite and is highly visiable on the radar of numerous labels. However, he chooses to rock out with himself, on his own OPM (Other People’s Money) label. Currently on the Yellow Album World Tour, Dom finally made his way back over the pond for the North American leg of the tour, where we caught up during a stop in Philly. Prior to the show, the rapper told us about his type of party, but one begins to wonder what else the man likes — his type of drinks, women, and music, of course.

Only if we could all be as dope as Dom. Follow him on Twitter @DopeItsDom.