Masspike Miles - Skky Miles 2: Cozmic Cloud (Mixtape)

Harlem rapper and Diplomats member 40 Cal recently released his second mixtape of the year, 2nd Hand Smoke, to follow up his earlier release of Watch The Chrome. The project includes 16 tracks with guest appearances from Young Ae, JR Writer, and June Summers. It also features production from Pezey Crack, Dynasty Beats, Trakdealaz, and Cycovizon among others.

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1.  “2nd Hand Smoke”
2.  “Another High”
3.  “Beat Box”
4.  “Sinbin Like Rihanna” — Ft. Young Ae
5.  “Get Aquainted”
6.  “Military Tactics”
7.  “Skeme Drugmart”
8.  “The Old Man”
9.  “Take Her To My Crib”
10. “LINDA”
11. “U Can Hold Dat
12. “Livnign Proof”
13. “I Have A Skeme Speech”
14. “Ignorant” — Ft. JR Writer
15. “Whats Tweef”
16. “My Window” — Ft. June Summers