Nate Dogg’s Wife And Mother Give Up Battle For His Estate

Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg’s wife (Latoya Calvin) and mother (Ruth Holmes) have recently given up on the battle over his estate, withdrawing their petition for control. His children want a professional administration for the estate and the decision to withdrawal their petition was made to avoid further conflict according to Ruth’s lawyer.

The battle began when Nate Dogg tragically passed away in 2011 without leaving a will. This caused several disputes between his wife and children over how his assets should be divided. Latoya eventually took control over the estate and recently filed the petition to have Nate’s mother named as co-administrator, which did not sit well with his children.

His daughter, Aundrane Hale, recently voiced her concerns to TMZ about the petition and not believing that her grandmother had her or her sibling’s best interest in mind. She further stated that Ruth had kept money from them in the past and did not even attend his funeral.

Nate’s children are reportedly “ecstatic,” but the estate controller is yet to be determined.

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