Lil B The BasedGod - Crime Fetish (Mixtape)

The onslaught of free music from Berekley, California rapper Lil B The BasedGod continues. Following Illusions Of Grandeur 2 in early October, and Halloween H20 right before 10/31, the weird rapper returns with Crime Fetish.

The new mixtape, which boasts a cover reminicist of Master P releases from the early 2000s, is comprised of 22 new songs, freestyles, and remixes with one self-produced cut called “Earthquake.” Get it at

When Lil B’s next official album is coming was unknown at press time. Until then, enjoy one of many mixtapes the rapper has unleashed in 2012.

1. “Respect Me”
2. “Crime Fetish”
3. “Gone In 60 Seconds”
4. “Lurk N Twerk”
5. “Shoot Them Gunz”
6. “Old Sku Mobbin”
7. “Stay With The Mack”
8. “Who Got My Back”
9. “Stress”
10. “Thugged Out Bitch”
11. “Earthquake” (Produced by Lil B)
12. “3rd World Hustla”
13. “Suck My D*** Ho (Remix)”
14. “Beat My Ho”
15. “Mona Lisa”
16. “Lead Work”
17. “Mac Pressed Over”
18. “Street Dreams (Remix)”
19. “Life”
20. “Licking The P”
21. “Gimme Mo Bitches”
22. “Deez Bitches (BASED FREESTYLE)”