Jenna Shea

Y’all remember video model/escort Jenna Shea? She’s the one who put Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana and several other rappers on blast earlier this year, exposing their sexual escapades during an interview with Rude Jude’s Shade 45 radio show. Well, her escorting ways haven’t stopped, and she still doesn’t keep her celebrity client’s secrets safe.

Her latest victim is rumored to a Houston Rockets basketball star. According to Terez Owens, the NBA pro recently dropped $20,000 on the voluptuous Jenna Shea, during an evening of her “services.”

While there isn’t any official confirmation, Shea isn’t shy about revealing where her income is coming in from. She took to her Twitter after being paid, showing her stepping on a mountain of hard, cold cash.

“I get paid by the NBA so much, I should be signed to a team #literally while u basic hoes watch from tv FOH,” the model/escort wrote (@IAmJennaShea).