Rockstar Games has officially kicked off the hype for their anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, as fans and gamers dissect the two visuals the company have already released.

After a close look at the teaser from 2011 and recently released official trailer, we took some screenshots of some of the cool rides set to appear in the upcoming game. While nothing is confirmed, we spotted several new, exotic vehicles in GTA V, as well as the return of others.

Right off the bat, we’re sure you noticed the Audi R8 Spyder. We noticed both a black and white one.

There’s also Aston Martin Vantage-like vehicle; the return of the BMW M3-like Sentinel from past GTA titles; a Firebird-inspired muscle car; an unnamed Bentley Continental GT-looking luxury sedan; the Cheetah, which resembles a Ferrari Enzo; a dune buggy; and various aircraft such as a private jet, helicopers, a bi-plane, and more.

Stay tuned for more…

GTA V is slated to drop sometime in spring of 2013. Pre-order is available now at