The Los Angeles Auto Show hosts a challenge to automotive designers every year, allowing them to create ideas about the future of transportation. According to Yahoo’s Motoramic, this year’s theme asked what the law enforcement rides of 2025 might look like… and this is what Mercedes-Benz came up with: the Gelandewagon.

Dubbed the Ener-G-Force, the truck is, in Mercedes’ own words, “pure science fiction.” However, some suspect, the futuristic G Class could be the shape of Mercedes SUVs for years to come.

Based on the military-grade G-Class SUVs, the model features built-in police lights, a bull bar integrated into the grille, and 20-inch off-road wheels “guarantee the right-of-way even where no way exists.”

Oh, and this is a vehicle of 2025, cites Mercedes, so its power doesn’t come from gasoline, but rather a hydrogen fuel cell.