With the start of Fall and holiday shopping here, one brand is offering a cool accessory for G-Shock wearers: an interchangeable silicone watchband called the SlingShox.

It allows G-Shock owners to change the color of their watches, without having to buy another.

The interchangeable accessory was made to enhance the look and feel of a G-Shock, while being careful not to jeopardize the quality and high-performance of the watch. The SlingShox skins come in a variety of colors — including white, black, metallic silver, metallic bronze, red, yellow, aqua blue, orange, grey, army green, purple and royal — and works with DW-6900 and GA-110 models.

The SlingShox line retails for $25 and is currently available at, and will be launching on Karmaloop’s Kazbah site ( soon.