Crown Royal #PassTheCrown 2012 clue

If you follow us on Twitter, then you’re probably aware that Canadian whisky brand, Crown Royal, has invited us to participated in their annual #PassTheCrown gift exchange/Secret Santa-style competition.

Here’s how it works. During the game, each morning (until December 14th) one website will receive a “gift”, digitally wrapped in a Crown Royal bag (personalized bags are sold on for $9.95), along with a hint as to what gift might be inside the bag, enlisting the help of website visitors and social network fans.

Then, at the end of the day, the website can choose to open the gift or steal a gift already opened by another site.

The best part is, the fan/visitor who helps guest and retweets the most will get the gift as well. But, please tag each tweet with the hashtag #PassTheCrown. Because, as an added bonus, Crown Royal has promised to stuff one bag to send to soldiers overseas as part of The Heroes Project, so help us out for a chance to win a cool gift… AND HELP SOLDIERS OVERSEAS!! You can’t lose.

So far, a Sonos Play 3, a Digital Smokehouse, a Kindle Fire, a bottle of Crown Royal XR, a Samsung Digital Camera MV800, SOL Tracks Ultra On-Ear Headphones, and an iPad Mini has been pulled.

Our clue, as seen in the image above, is “Give It A Shot.” What do you think it is? Should we open it, or steal one of the other gifts.

Follow #PassTheCrown on Twitter to see the action. We will announced our decision later today.