Meek Mill (left) and Cassidy (right)

Philly star Meek Mill ruffled some feathers earlier this month, when he discussed the possibility of jumping into the battle rap arena, sparking a debate about fans over who he should take on in a rap battle. One name was hometown peer Cassidy.

Meek would later say that he needs, at least, $100,000 to sign on for a battle… so it may never happen. However, the two rappers did square off on Twitter Wednesday night (November 14), which started when the MMG signee mentioned his name.

“Why n****s Tryna pump Cassidy 2 battle I said I wanted him and Mook 2 battle…a battle I wanted 2 c..he gotta get poppin first 2 battle me,” Meek wrote (@MeekMill). “And I just wanna do this for fun I gain nothing! I need a #100k just 2 do it! Damn near got that in my pocket u feel me. I ain’t saving these n****s! Lol”

Cassidy caught wind of what was being said, and took to his own Twitter profile to respond.

“I been popping for over a decade! N****s get 1 year in and get carried away.. I paved the way for these dudes..” Cassidy wrote (@CASSIDY_LARSINY). “N****s is scared! That would be the easiest 100k I ever made in my life.. It’s like taking candy from a baby.”

Meek didn’t like that much, so the insults started flying. “You can’t pave the way wit “come 2 my hotel,” Meek wrote. “N****z wanna battle “get a single popping and ill do it for free! If n****s wanna get popping ill do it! Lol”

From there, Cassidy didn’t allow his thoughts to marinate, so he hit the lab, and Wednesday (November 15), he let off the first shot via a diss track called “Diary Of A Hustler” (listen below).