Andre 3000

Every so often, Andre 3000 will sprinkle fans with a gem, in the form of a verse on other’s tracks. But, when will he return to music on his own, or alongside Outkast member Big Boi?

With five-plus years since the duo’s last project, 2006’s Idlewild, fans have been feverishly anticipating the return. Now, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Andre 3K speaks on the possibility of his solo career and a reunion with his partner Big Boi… saying things are “kind of up in the air.”

“Things are kind of up in the air with me, and some days, I feel like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it,’ … some days, I feel like, I don’t,” he explains. “I don’t know the future of music right now. I have no idea what I do. I honestly don’t. I record and I write ideas. I think I’ll always do that, for some reason. But I don’t know if it will go to another artist or will it be my stuff or will it go to some movie? I don’t know. I just kind of keep creating and hopefully, it’ll fall into a slot.”

Music is still on the backburner it seems, while he focuses on film. For now, he says dropping bars on someone else’s song is enough for him.

“My whole motivation is, I don’t want to mess these people’s songs up, more than anything than let me do something great,” he said. “I try to do great, but it’s just a different mind frame now. I don’t sit around and rap everyday. I don’t.”