Game Trailers: Grand Theft Auto V (Trailer #2)

By Staff  |  11/14/2012

Rockstar Games officially released the second trailer for their anticipated Grand Theft Auto V title on Wednesday (November 14), offering a deeper look into the story gamers can expect.

The new glimpse begins with the same man who narrated the teaser trailer that released over a year ago. In it, he explains that the only way to survive "the game" is to "give the sh** up." From there, we get into the story, which may or may not be before, the narrator's "retirement."

Reports say GTA V's three main characters -- Michael, Trevor, and Franklin -- will serve as playable characters in the game. In the new trailer, we get a brief look at their lives. From scenes involving gun and drug trafficking, to car chases on the freeway, you get a good idea of what's to come.

GTA V is slated to drop sometime in spring of 2013. Pre-order is available now at