1:Face Watch

We recently came across the cool campaign, centered around a timepiece called the 1:Face Watch, which the creator hopes “empowers YOU to create change in the world.”

The campaign/project began at Chicago branding firm Mirza Minds, originally the vision of Creative Director Fam Mirza. Having experienced both the hardships of the 3rd world and the comfort of the 1st, Fam desired to create something that could bridge that gap and ultimately make the world a better place. Eventually, the 1:Face Watch was born.

“Change originates from within. That is why the face of the watch is designed as a mirror. When you check the time, you see your reflection looking back within you,” Mirza explains.

Here’s how it works. The mirror-faced watch comes in six different colors, each of which supports one of the world’s “real” problems: hunger (white), water (yellow), breast cancer (pink), the environment (blue), aids (red), and cancer (black).

When you buy a watch, specific metrics go toward a supporting charities. For example, when you buy one white watch, our supporting charity, One Day’s Wages, provides food supplements to 16 children in the Horn of Africa… and so on.

The watch, itself, has a simplistic design, made to fit any outfit, style, or culture. It boasts a mirrored face with four parallel buttons, and is set in a high-grade silicone band. When a button is pressed, the time is displayed with white intensity LED lights. The battery life lasts for about 2 years, and of course, is waterproof.

Additionally, Fam has released the Universal Touchscreen in support of all causes. It has no buttons, instead displaying the time when you touch the mirrored face. The alloy metal frame is the same material used in the iPhone frame.

For more info, visit IndieGoGo.com/1FaceWatch. Below is a breakdown of the metrics for each cause.

Pink (Breast Cancer): 1 in every 8 woman will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. A simple mammogram can help save these woman’s lives. However, millions of women don’t have the money to pay for this procedure. Every 14 pink watches purchased will enable the National Breast Cancer Foundation to provide 1 mammogram for a woman in need.

Yellow (Water): 30,000 people die every week from unsafe drinking water. For every 625 water watches purchased, Charity: Water will build a well, providing sanitary drinking water for an entire village.

Blue (Environment): Every day, 3 billion people in developing countries are exposed to toxic smoke when preparing meals. The Adventure Project will provide 1 charcoal efficient stove to a family in Haiti for every 3 blue watches purchased

Red (AIDS): Over 30 million people live with AIDS worldwide. For every 5 red watches purchased, Keep a Child Alive can provide the AIDS care necessary to keep a child alive with AIDS alive for one month.

Black (Cancer): Millions of people are affected by cancer each year. Many of them aren’t educated about the treatment options available and even more struggle with the emotional impact this causes on them and their family. To help these people, for every black watch purchased, the American Cancer Society can provide the necessary education and support to 8 cancer patients and their families