Shyne and The Game

Shyne responded to Game, regarding his comments in defense of Kendrick Lamar, when he expressed his feelings about his debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city.

If you haven’t heard about it… Shyne took to his Twitter last month to express his feelings over the young rapper’s anticipated debut… and he called it “trash.” When Game heard, he quickly went at him, telling him to shut his mouth.

While Game has made his rounds, explaining why he did it, the former Bad Boy Records signee called into VladTV to give his side… saying he helped Game early in his career and wasn’t happy with the way he stepped to him over the situation.

“Everybody’s gassing [Kendrick], and his album is where everybody’s gassing him where my son, my student, The Game, I threw weapons to this zombie. I gave him life,” Shyne said. “I remember when I was in Clinton and [he] was calling me, begging me for the co-sign, begging me to get on the album. And proof. I’m not no new jack. Proof. For the last 12 years, he’s been screaming Shyne. That’s my son. Literally. My son. For him to get all emotional and start crying like a chick, I don’t really get it, you dig? I don’t really get it. I said how I felt and ain’t no disrespect.”

He goes on to say that when he first got out of prison, Game made comments about how he sounded “rusty,” but he didn’t take it too personally, so he doesn’t understand why it’s not the same when things are turned around.

“I remember when I first came out — matter of fact, they asked The Game, ‘What’s up with Shyne? We don’t feel he really got it. And he said, he a little bit rusty, but he gon’ get it back. And I took that! I held that down. He didn’t say nothing disrespectful. He said his opinion on where I was at with it, and I held that down. Listen, I feel how I feel, in the streets and in life, this is a democracy. Ain’t no dictators.”

In conclusion, Shyne said Game “disappointed” him and that he would have issued a retraction if he had hit him directly.

“The Game really disappointed me because he know me,” he said. “I was on his last album, he always raps about Shyne. I spoke to him when I came out, I spoke to him when I was in. That’s my little son. I just did a record for one of his artists, as a matter of fact. If he felt a certain type of way, because that’s his little homie, the Kendrick Lamar kid, he could have hit me one-on-one and be like ‘Yo b, please, on Piru, please fall back.’ … I would have fallen back. I might have even put out a retraction and been like, ‘Yo, I’ll listen to the record again,’ and yeah… That’s grown man conversation right there.”

Game recently called out Shyne in his “Cough Up A Lung” freestyle video, so in response, Shyne dedicates his own song and video to his rap rival, called “Psalms 68 (Guns and Moses).” In the freestyle (see below), he claims Game copied his style and even calls his gang allegiance a joke.

“This little busta named Game wanna rhyme like Po / ‘Cause I rhyme like gold, I rhyme like I be climbin’ out that Rolls / That nine? I’ll let it blow, put five up in your clothes / Head shots leave you slumped, dumped, reclinin’ at ya door,” the rapper spits.