In a recent interview, Saigon breaks down his long-running beef with Prodigy from Mobb Deep, explaining how the tension first arose from his long time friendship with fellow NYC rapper Tru Life.

Saigon revisits a time when Tru first got into the game and Prodigy sold him a verse for $15,000, and then, did the same verse on another project. He would go on to ask for another verse, but P never obliged.

Later, Sai was accused of going on TV and burning Mobb Deep’s CD,  which he denies, but it added to the issues between them. Despite running into each other numerous times, Sai says it was no problems… unless, of course, Prodigy was with his crew. Ultimately the beef would escalate into a physical altercation in 2007, when Saigon punched Prodigy on-stage during a performance at New York’s SOB’s nightclub.