Slim The Mobster (left) and 50 Cent (right)

Dr. Dre proteges, 50 Cent and L.A. signee Slim The Mobster, got into on Sunday (November 11), exchanging jabs via Twitter. It’s unclear who started first, but both offered up some disrespectful words for each other.

Slim would call Fif a “steroid junky”, before accusing him of stealing his style, and even jokingly saying he plans to sue.

“Tell the people how you stole my likeness tho …. You dressed like a bum until u asked what I was gone do to be different,” the rapper tweeted (@SlimTheMobster). “I’m filing a 20million dollar lawsuit for the music yo stole you bitch you …….@50cent”

50 fired backed, saying Slim was dropped from Dre’s Aftermath label and that he has “chapped lips.”

“Yo what’s that boy name,DRE Dropped him off after math he got a big ass A on his back LMAO. SMSaudio,” the hip-hop mogul wrote (@50Cent).

“You could put motor oil on them lips and they’ll still be CHAPPED, try armor royal FOOL. LOL,” 50 continued, before finally saying he was done going back-n-forth. “That was your 15 min of fame .moving on #SMSaudio”

Despite 50’s comments, Slim claims he wasn’t dropped, but instead, asked to be released.

“Dre didn’t drop me I got tired of being hated on by @50cent I asked to be let go …..” he explained, and would point out that 50 was dropped from major labels early in his career. “You got dropped twice b4 marshall saved you let’s not forget u can’t walk your block without getting sweated by radimez @50cent”

“[Aftermath] paid me more to leave then they paid me to come….. Take that take that ….LOL,” Slim concluded.

This isn’t the first time Slim went at 50 Cent. Back in August, he took to Twitter to accuse him of trying to have Interscope cease promotion of his music.