Six Reasons (left) and Gucci Mane (right)

If you’ve been following Gucci Mane as of late, then you know, the southern rap star has been on a tear, dissing various rappers left and right. Most recently, he challenged ANY RAPPER to step up and fight him, if they have a problem to him… and one has.

Los Angeles rapper Six Reason has accepted, and is currently awaiting Gucci’s reply.

Over the weekend, the ATL hip-hop star took to Twitter, calling his rap peers cowards, saying he would take on any rapper in a boxing match… with the proceeds going to charity.

“All Deez P**** ass rappers — The proceeds from the ring will go to charities. You scary ass Rappers,” Gucci wrote (@Gucci1017).

Well, on Wednesday (November 7), Six Reason accepted. “I heard my man gucci wants to box any rapper…I like his attitude..somebody let him know I’ll respectfully take that challenge!!!!!!!” the Los Angeles rapper wrote (@SixReasons).

By Thursday (November 8), he had yet to receive a reply. “Day 2…still no word from Gucci about that fade….idk…maybe his twitter ain’t working right.”

Stay tuned…