The Game

During Game’s NYC promo run for his upcoming album and reality show, he was asked about his upcoming free agency — Jesus Piece will be his final album under contract with Interscope. Well, he offered some insight into possible label homes in the future. While he’s previously said Birdman has extended his hand as a possible option, the Compton rapper said one other hip-hop star is interested as well.

During a stop by MTV’s RapFix Live, Game revealed that Rick Ross is interested in signing him to his Maybach Music imprint… and he feels good about the interest he’s garnering.

“This is my last studio album for Interscope,” he said. “I talked to Ross the other day — shout-out to MMG, Wale and Meek Mill, they started off the MMG Tour in Penn State. I rocked with ’em onstage and I was talking to Ross, and Ross was like, ‘What’s up with that last album?’ And I’m like, ‘You know, it’s the last album.’ And he was like, ‘Nah, never mind, Jimmy ain’t gon’ let you go.’ So that and talking to [Cash Money’s] Baby and [Lil Wayne] two times a week, you know, it’s cool. I kinda feel like a little free agent in the league real quick.”

While his contractual obligations are still not over, Game isn’t sure what he’ll do exactly. He did say he’s going to stay loyal, focus on the upcoming December release of Jesus Piece… and after, he’ll give it some thought. He did, however, say he has entertained the idea of releasing music independently.

“I been waking up for the last week and just thinking about my own independent grind. I got enough fans to push it. I know if I need media coverage, I got real friends, but I’m just gonna ride it out with Interscope and stay loyal to them and really get this Jesus Piece album going and then make my decision later on.”

Jesus Piece is due out December 11th.