Atari 2600 - Air Raid

A rare Atari 2600 game was found in October, and sold over the weekend… for a staggering $33,433.

According to Yahoo’s Plugged In blog, Pomona, California man, Harv Bennett, and his daughter recently dug out their box of old Atari games, from storage, and unearthed a copy of Air Raid, an extreme rare gem among collector’s that some consider the Holy Grail of Atari 2600 games.

The sale hit a record, making it the highest sale mark for the game to date. In 2010, a copy of the title sold for $31,600.

And, just recently, another boxed copy sold on eBay for just under $14,000. Bennett’s copy was in much better condition, plus it contains the game’s original instruction manual, which apparently has never been found intact before.

While their auction, make Air Raid the most expensive Atari 2660 game ever, it fell short of the all time record price paid for a video game — $55,000. Back in early August, an extreme rare prototype cartridge of Nintendo’s original The Legend of Zelda sold for that huge pricetag on eBay. The seller originally placed it for $150,000, but would later settle.