Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne recently lost a battle in court against filmmaker QD3 (real name: Quincy Jones III), and has been ordered to pay up over $2 million.

According to, a jury has ordered the rapper (real name: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.) to pay Jones $2,195,000 for breach of contract. Jones’ QD3 Entertainment sued Weezy, claiming he broke their contract when he blocked the release of his 2009 documentary, The Carter, messing up its potential profits.

Wayne never showed up in court for the trial. The day he was supposed to testify he was a no-show, because he had suffered two seizure-like episodes and was prohibited from flying. As a result, his lawyer was left only with Lil Wayne’s widely publicized deposition video, in which he refuses to answer questions and mocks the proceeding.

Weezy sued QD3 over the unauthorized use of his music in the film, and what he called The suit was filed over what Weezy called a “scandalous portrayal” of him in the film. The director would counter-sue, and has now won.