Wreck-It Ralph movie

People went to the movies this weekend, despite folks on the east coast dealing with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. And, it was the animated Wreck-It Ralph leading the way, beating out Denzel Washington’s Flight and RZA directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fists.

Ralph opened strongly with $49.1 million. The 3D animated family film is about a video game villain who tries to break free of his role. It became the largest box-office opening ever for Walt Disney Animation.

Denzel’s Flight, which had a smaller opening (1,884 theaters), opened to a $25 million debut. In it, Washington plays an airline pilot of both heroic skill and debilitating alcoholism.

Last weekend’s top film, Argo, fell to #3, taking in $10.2 million, taking its domestic haul to $75.8 million to date.

RZA’s martial arts action flick, The Man With The Iron Fists, debuted at #4 with a disappointing $8.2 million.

And finally, closing out the top 2 was Taken 2, earning $6 million to bring its total to $125.6 million.

Though the hurricane had forced the closure of hundreds of movie theaters in the New York, New Jersey area, most were open for business by the weekend. As many as 100 theaters were still closed on Friday, but many of those were restored during the weekend.

That’s a wrap for this weekend. This upcoming week, look out for the release of the latest installment of the anticipated James Bond flick, Skyfall.

This weekend’s top 10 is as follows:

1. “Wreck-It Ralph,” $49.1 million.
2. “Flight,” $25 million.
3. “Argo,” $10.2 million.
4. “The Man With the Iron Fists,” $10.2 million.
5. “Taken 2,” $6 million.
6. “Cloud Atlas,” $5.3 million.
7. “Hotel Transylvania,” $4.5 million.
8. “Paranormal Activity 4,” $4.3 million.
9. “Here Comes the Boom,” $3.6 million.
10. “Silent Hill: Revelation,” $3.3 million.