Meek Mill

Meek Mill may be a certified rap star, with his string of hit singles and new album in store, but he came up as a hungry rapper in the streets, willing to prove himself… even in the battle rap arena.

In a recent interview, released via Warner Music Group’s official Youtube channel, the Philly rapper explained that he has battled around 1,500 people in his life thus far… and isn’t afraid to take jump back into the ring.

“I ain’t scared to do it,” Meek said of the possibility of battling again. “I was the first to do two tours without really having an album out. The first to do three million downloads in an hour or two. The first to jump back in the ring to battle. One of the first to be rocking arenas when people in cities never even heard of me. Why not be the first to jump back in the ring and do my thing? It’s what I love.”

Although battle before a live crowd could mean a loss for Meek, but that’s not something he’s worried about, because even if he did lose, he doesn’t feel it’d hurt his career.

“I don’t think you could damage me in no type of way where I would lose that bad where somebody wouldn’t want to buy my albums or participate,” he explained. “I don’t even have plans on losing… Since [being 13], I never ever lost a battle. I’ve probably battled 1,500 people in my life.”

As the discussion about battle rap continued, Meek would go on to say that his participation in a battle could actually bring the element of hip-hop to the next level, where emcees get more money for their involvement.

“I’m a leader. I don’t follow people. We have a lane to take this to another level where a whole ‘nother money circuit could open up,” Meek explained. “I’m a leader. I’m willing to take that leadership and when I take that leadership, don’t be mad when I’m the only one getting that leader money.

“You gotta have $100[,000] or more. I can’t do it for free. That ain’t my lane… Win, lose or draw — just for even stepping on the court,” he added.