With NBA 2K13 in stores, and gamers already enjoying play, 2K Sports unleashes an all-new Developer Insight clip, entitled “NBA 2K Everywhere,” showcasing MyNBA2K and NBA 2K MyLIFE for play on the go.

Watch to learn all about the NBA game’s free companion app, MyNBA2K, available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Kindle devices. It offers a series of entertaining mini-games (including shooting practice, free throw drills, a dribbling course, and autograph signing).

With NBA 2K MyLIFE, available on Facebook, players can import their MyCAREER avatars from NBA 2K13 to compete in skills competitions with friends, build their home-court environment, and play through experiences of an NBA superstar including earning endorsements and fostering relationships with fellow NBA stars.

NBA 2K13 is out now. Order your copy at Amazon.com.