Snoop Dogg Becomes Partner, Ambassador For Mister Cartoon’s Sanctiond Automotive

Snoop Dogg and Mister Cartoon become partners at Sanctiond

Snoop Dogg announced Wednesday (October 31) that he has joined forces with famed artist Mister Cartoon as a business partner/ambassador of his car care products brand, Sanctiond Automotive.

Over the years Cartoon and Snoop have collaborated on numerous projects… so their union just makes sense.

“This is a great day, to have someone I admire as an artist, who is also a fan of the product, join my company in this capacity… like me, Snoop is passionate in everything he does. We have a unique bond as artists and car lovers,” Toons explains.

“We have been wanting to do this for years,” added Snoop. “There are no cool brands that represent our lifestyle and with Sanctiond, we are excited to bring our communities together through a common love of our cars and the shine we can put on them.”

Mister Cartoon Sanctiond is comprised of a growing collection of 15 products; including car wash, waxes, polishes, spray detailers, interior cleaners and conditioners, and a trio of innovative tire shines. Developed to exceed the stringent expectations of automotive painters and collectors, each product is a work of art in its own right, merging hand drawn package design with cutting edge product formulation.

Through the partnership with Snoop Dogg and a well-oiled network of celebrities and car enthusiasts, the brand is quickly being defined as the authentic and relevant car care brand, birthed from the streets of Los Angeles, the epicenter of car culture.

The company plans to introduce an exclusive line of Sanctiond by Snoop Dogg products in the near future, consisting of car wash, waxes, polishes, spray detailers and more. The rapper will work closely with the Sanctiond team of specialists to hand-craft the formula down to the smell, color, ingredients and branding.

To celebrate their partnership, Snoop will be on-hand with Mister Cartoon in Las Vegas at the SEMA show on Thursday (November 1) to showcase their current line.. If you’re in attendance, you can visit their booth at #25055.

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Photo courtesy of Estevan Oriol: and @JokerBrand.

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