LeBron James Kicks Off NBA Season With Special Edition Nike LeBron X Gold Sneakers

Nike LeBron X Gold Edition

LeBron James is set to rock a special gold-themed version of his Nike LeBron X sneaker during Tuesday night’s (October 30) season opener against the Boston Celtics. Here’s what they look like up close.

The new sneaker pays tribute to the Heat’s 2011-2012 Championship, telling the the story of their journey. It features gold for the ring and white/red for the home uniforms they wore on June 21 when capturing the championship.

It also features graphics representing the championship. On the right shoe’s medial side is “MVP,” plus the number of points he scored in the playoffs. The left shoe’s medial panel has “CHAMP” and the team’s playoff record. And, the font mimics traditional ring inscription.

At press time, it’s unclear if the LeBron X Gold Edition will be available for general release.

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  1. it takes 3 or 4 steps, but won’t get called? Overpriced FARCE? Yes! LeBron the Moron needs it.

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