Shyne Calls Kendrick Lamar’s Debut ‘Trash’, Game Comes To His Defense

By Staff  |  10/25/2012

Shyne and The Game

Compton rapper Game added another enemy to his sh** list early Thursday (October 25), when he came to the defense of fellow Los Angeles rapper Kendrick Lamar after Shyne had some harsh words about the newcomer's debut album.

The former Bad Boy rapper took to Twitter this week, expressing his opinion on Kendrick's newly released g.o.o.d kid, m.A.A.d city, album. Shyne's verdict: "TRASH!"

"Listened to the Kendrick Lamar album during lunch and @OriginalShyne was right. TRASH!" the rapper tweeted (@OriginalShyne).

Well, those comments didn't sit right with Game at all, so he immediately responded with aggression.

"B*tch, shut up !!!" Game wrote (@theGame), before Shyne replied and asked why he was getting involved. Game's response: "If its bout KDOT.. It CONCERN ME !!!!!"

They would get into one further exchange, before fans and other rappers stated their opinions.

"@thegame u outta pocket youngster!!! I felt gkmd album was trash, deal wit!" Shyne later wrote. "Naw blood, YOU TRASH.. Deal wit that !!!" Game retorted. "The west is mine !!!!! Protect it & EVERYTHING in it at ALL COSTS !!!! F*** n****s !!! Thank God. #JesusPiece"

Despite the harsh words, Shyne would go on to say Game's 2005 debut, The Documentary, a classic, but maintained his opinion of Kendrick's anticipated debut.

"Yoooo! Kendrick Lamar is talented with a lot of potential but his album is traaaaash!," Shyne tweeted late Tuesday (October 23). "The game Documentary even 50 get rich or die trying lived up to the hype and were classics. Good kid is trash!"

Later, another west coast rapper would chime in. Nipsey Hussle warned Shyne to never set foot on the west again.

"If Shyne ever make it bac to the states...somebody tell cuz his west coast pass is revoked," he tweeted.