Congo Peace Coalition, Falling Whistles, Launches 5 Boy Whistle Collection

Falling Whistles - 5 Boys Collection

Falling Whistles, a coalition of individuals who campaign for for peace in Africa’s Congo, announced this week the launch of their 5 Boys Collection, a new line of whistle necklaces inspired by the original whistleblowers in Congo, and created to benefit their cause.

Designed by the non-profit’s team and manufactured at the oldest whistle manufacturer in the world outside of London, 5 Boys whistles are smaller, featuring greater detail and higher quality materials than the original whistle model.

They are available in various finishes, including Ox Matte TIP, Cast Iron TIP, Matte White TIP, Ox Gloss TIP, and Chrome TIP. The versions with white painted tips represent a long history of whitewashing over deep problems surrounding Congo.

The story behind the collection’s name comes from Falling Whistles founder Sean Carasso, who met five boys in a military encampment in Congo. The boys had been taken from their homes and thrown into combat as child soldiers forced to fight for two opposing rebel armies. But, when asked if that made them enemies, they laughed. One boy reached over and kissed the other boy saying: “We are only boys, how can we be enemies?”

In a story of vulnerability, courage, and solidarity, 5 Boys Collection revisits the original whistleblowers.

“Our story is really their story,” Carasso says. “Across the world, our generation is the largest and most connected in history. The 5 Boys Collection asks the same question the boys asked — how can we be enemies?”

This season, the Falling Whistles will head to five cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Miami and London) to celebrate the launch of 5 Boys Collection, hosting events at key retailers to both inform and inspire guests in attendance. With the team freshly back from the war-zone in Congo, they will be sharing updates on their Congo Partners, the coalition, and the current situation in Congo.

“When we saw the five boys response to their divisions, we saw solutions to Congo’s problems laying in front of us,” Carasso explains. He and his team have not been silent since. Four years later, Falling Whistles is investing in eight Congolese visionaries rebuilding their communities, and their growing coalition includes 55,000 whistleblowers, 35 Congressman, 16 Senators, and 200 retailers.

Whistles in the 5 Boys collection retail for $59 and can be purchased online at, as well as in select retailers around the world.

Sales from the whistle are used to fund visionary programs in the warzone that rehabilitate those affected by the conflict, and create economic stability through job creation and advocacy.

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