Live Strong Celebrates 15th Anniversary (Austin, TX) (Photos By Estevan Oriol)

By Jay Casteel  |  10/23/2012

Mister Cartoon and longtime partner/photographer Estevan Oriol recently headed down to Austin, Texas for the 15-year anniversary of Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation... and Oriol offers up a visual wrap-up via imagery.

"Aside from supporting Lance Armstrong, we went because Cartoon and Patrick Martinez did some paintings and donated them to the charity for the anniversary gala," Oriol wrote on his blog. "It was a great night, it was good to see Lance staying strong through all that he's going through right now. It's crazy to see people going so hard at somebody that was doing what everybody else was doing. The one thing that sets him apart from the rest of the athletes and celebrities is he has helped thousands of people with cancer. I can't think of one person who has helped so many people more than him."

The evening included performances by Norah Jones; and Stephen Marley, who did a three-song acoustic set that was amazing.

Actors Sean Penn, Robin Williams and Matthew McConaughey also took the stage, alongside Livestrong CEO Doug Ulma to support the ongoing mission of the foundation, despite Armstrong's recently departure. According to Oriol, the evening raised $2.5 million dollars, of which Martinez and Toons' pieces were auctioned off. at the gala for cancer.

The photos are courtesy of Estevan Oriol. Visit his website at For more on LiveStrong, visit