Gucci Mane Disses Yung Joc, Issues Warning & Calls Him ‘A Bitch’

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane is on his ‘Pac sh** as of late, taking on anyone and everyone. Obviously, he’s been on a warpath and Young Jeezy has been his main target, but he’s also sent warnings to T.I. and anyone that wants to step in the way.

As reported Saturday (October 20), the Atlanta rap star also threw a couple at other local heavyweights — Yung Joc and Kenneth “Block” Russell — on a track called “F*** The World,” off his recently released mixtape, Trap God.¬†On the song, Gucci spits: “I got all eyes on me like Pac did / But I ain’t tryin’ to go broke like Joc did / I ain’t tryin’ to f*** my deal up like Block did.”

The bars seemed harmless enough, but he took it a step further on Sunday (October 21), when called out Joc on Twitter, warning that they could meet face-to-face if he has any issues with what he said.

“If @iamyungjoc need to resolve any issues I’ll be back off the road a little later we can handle it. I STAND ON WHAT I SAID!!!!!!. #TRAPGOD,” Gucci tweeted (@Gucci1017). “Lol…I’m a TRAP GOD I hate phones I’ll see you sooner or later…”

When a fan tweeted Joc, asking him what the beef with Gucci was all about, he simply responded (@IamYungJoc): ” I couldnt even tell you my n****”.

Gucci would continue his rant, further disrespecting his ATL peer by writing: “I’m a go head and say it @iamyungjoc a #BITCH”

At press time, it’s unclear what issues the rappers have with each other. Stay tuned…

Trap God is out now. It features guests such as Rick Ross, Future, T-Pain, Birdman, Trae Tha Truth, and his 1017 Bricksquad crew, Waka Flocka and Young Scooter.

  1. mane he also said on there “this is not a diss its the truth” so what is u tryin to start?

  2. Trill shit i thot gooch n joc was ku. They did dat one song 2getha wit yung ralph i think calld posted at da store. Bt anyways if gucci do get smoked, he has so many enemies now its gna b hard 2 lock in one suspect. #FREEBOOSIEBOO

  3. okay, i officially don’t mind if someone gets killed behind this, as long as it’s Gucci Mane. that one body this fool caught in self defense got him thinking he can’t be touched.

  4. welp..
    gucci manes funeral should be quite interesting…
    hey maybe they’ll Bury Him In The Gucci Store???
    dumb country chittlin and hotsauce eatin mufugga

  5. he’s a rich “retard” and IROCs a broke “normal” nigga…
    I vote in favor of the “retard”

  6. case study for Gucci on wat not do in the rap game-50cent!from forbes no1 to off the damn list.

  7. LOL, at a previous post. That man Gucci is nowhere near rich. He’s trying so hard to get attention hoping to generate income. He need to go sit his ass down somewhere and talk to someone about why he so misserable. LOL, and then get back to the block to make the money for them packs he was fronted.

  8. Why not just come outta the closet man? Don’t try and push it off on me. Learn to fucking spell, you’re making yourself look like a jackass.

  9. Bitch this is’nt a fucking english language class. If you want some spelling though, how about F U C K Y O U

  10. I been saying this for the longest. that dude aint no killa man. Niggas need to get off his d*ck

  11. dis dude lame af tryna correct ppl spellin n shit… wats so crazy bout da shit he knows wtf was bein spelt… ppl just be miserable n need cyber attention

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