Waka Flocka Explains How Getting Shot Changed His Life, Talks Gucci Mane/Young Jeezy (Video)

Waka Flocka sat down with Montreality.com recently while in Canada, and chopped it up about a variety of topics, including his favorite things, beefs, getting shot and more.

Specifically, the southern rap star reveals his favorite cereal, cartoon character and video game; what his last meal would be; his biggest fear; and a crazy tour story.

Waka also weighs in on the beef between his mentor Gucci Mane and ATL rival Young Jeezy; and explains how his life changed after getting shot in 2010.

“Honestly, I thank God that I got shot,” Waka said. “Me getting shot was like the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. Because it really taught me how to open your eyes and don’t take sh*t for granted. And it made me say f*ck my old life because it’s like I got baptized when I got shot. It was like I was born again. It’s like I was born to f*cking rap. It made me even wiser and more cautious. Deadlier too at the same time, like venom. Mentally it just made me a monster.”

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  1. Ok i understand yhat getting shot was the best thing but it called changes

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