Soccer Pro Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes First Athlete To Reach 50 Million Facebook ‘Likes’

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is the first athlete in the world to reach 50 million Facebook “likes?” No, it’s not Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, or Tom Brady. It’s Portuguese footballer/soccer pro, Cristiano Ronaldo.

This week he became the first athlete in any sport to reach the 50 million Facebook milestone “likes” on Facebook, according to┬áDespite the huge mark, Ronaldo is still 12 million “likes” behind the most liked celebrity, Rihanna (62 million), but is ahead of Katy Perry (48 million) and Justin Bieber (47 million).

“Reaching 50.000.000 likes is unbelievable …I want to thank you, you you, you and everyone who have been supporting me all these years,” he wrote in a note on his Facebook page. “I really want us to keep sharing all the good moments together – and the best is still to come.”

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi lands at #2 with 38.5 million “likes”, while David Beckham sits in third place with 21.5 million.

Where’s all the U.S. athletes you ask?

Michael Jordan comes in at #4 with over 20 million “likes”, while Kobe Bryant lands at #6 with with 14 million, and LeBron James sits at #8 with 12.5 million “likes.”

WWE superstar John Cena suprisingly earns the #7 spot with over 13.5 million.

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